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FAQs About Flea Collar For Dog and Cats

Do Flea Collars really work on Dog and Cat? Flea collars are known to be effective in the preliminary stage before the fleas have started breeding. The technology behind the flea collar is of two kinds: Some emanate a gas that is meant to repel the fleas. Others induce a medicine into the dog’s skin […]

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Get Rid Of Pests Using Ultrasonic Pests Control

Ultrasonic Pest ControlElectronic pest control is one of the safest methods to render your house pest-free, as opposed to poisons. However sneaky you might think you have been in placing the baits all around the house, they can be found by your pets, if not your kids. So why not avoid all this worry and […]

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Catch a Mouse – Learn How to Set Mouse Trap

Mice are pesky and cute creatures that litter a lot. However, that is not all that they do. They spread diseases by sniffing around our foodstuff and infect them in the process. So, if you find anything less than an infestation in your house, you can probably get off with removing them by yourself. It […]

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Mole Problems – Learn How To Get Rid Of Moles

MolesMoles are a species of rodents that live to tear up your impeccable garden. They are prone to forming long tunnels and small hills all over your garden. These are small, underground pests that travel through their system of tunnels. Usually, moles are considered to be loners and one tunnel system shouldn’t host too many […]

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How to Get Rid of Fleas without Bombing?

Bombing is always not the preferred method for exterminating fleas. That is because the process harms more than just the fleas. It could be unsafe for our pets, kids or anyone else as well. It involves the induction of toxic chemicals into our homes that could be dangerous. Thankfully, there are ways we can avoid […]

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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

No one likes ants. They gather in huge colonies, whatever the species might be, as they search for food. But the worst part about ants is when they infest your wardrobes or food. It’s unhygienic and distasteful. Ants can also damage electronic goods permanently. Moreover, an ant infestation in potted plants never bodes well for […]

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Flea Shampoo – How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath?

Flea Shampoo – How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath?The first time we spot those tiny stubborn parasites crawling across our dog’s fur, our initial thought is to give our dog a nice and long bath. As instinctual as the action is, it will yield some benefits if performed properly. Of course, to get […]

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Organic Pest Control – What Are Natural Pesticides?

A pesticide is a substance that kills organisms that we categorize as pests like weeds, microbes or damaging insects that have the power to cause diseases. Natural pesticides, on the other hand, are derived from a natural source like plants or minerals. They are also made by other organisms usually for their own protection.Organic pesticides […]

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Mosquito Magnet : How Does Mosquito Magnet Work?

Mosquito magnet is a machine that attracts mosquitoes using those chemicals and substances that the mosquitoes like. The mosquito magnet gives off some smoke with chemicals inside. As the mosquitoes near the machine, they get pulled into of a bag where they eventually die. This way, these blood sucking creatures keep getting attracted to the […]

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